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[quote=lkw15;10654218]Bummer, OP. I still will never understand why dealers do this kind of thing. At the end of the day is it really worth that extra couple hundred bucks they made by selling it to some sucker? If only one person on this forum decides to go elsewhere, they've already lost that money. When will they learn...? QUOTE]

Exactly my beef, and the overwhelming majority will not learn. It's a very difficult concept - delayed gratification - especially for the guy in the trenches who is counting on that sale to help pay the mortgage. It takes sound leadership to enforce solid principles and steer the ship. By no means a direct comparison, but similar context is the housing boom/money lending free for all in the beginning of the last decade. Companies were lending to people that in no possible way were 'safe bets' for the amounts being loaned. Caution be damned, ignore the little guy nagging your conscience - I wan't to make more! We're now feeling some of the side effects of that disregard for second and third order effects. People often blindly denounce the large sum that CEOs and top ranking officials make. While I TOTALLY agree most are grossly over-compensated, they are paid to be a giant brain, look into the future, and anticipate those 2nd and 3rd order effects. Unfortunately, as we've seen recently, many have lost sight of those responsibilities. However there are still shining examples of those who haven't - those that balance integrity and loyalty to employees and customers all while offering great products/services and building/maintaining a successful business and giving back to the community that made them what they are.

Holy shit - off my soap box. Obviously a subject that I'm very passionate about
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