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Can't go wrong with Irv

After completing ED in July and just finishing with the PCD, I can only restate what has already been said in the earlier posts. This was my 11th car purchase and was by far the absolute best!! Now I had never purchased a car from out of state let alone gone overseas to pick one up, but Irv made sure that everything went smoothly and patiently answered every e-mail or phone call that I made to him. My quest to purchase this car started at the end of March and has concluded at the end of August and Irv and I are still conversing with each other. Now I ask you how many other car salesmen would continue to work with a customer long after the contract was signed and the dealership has gotten paid? But that is the type of person (not salesman) that Irv is, he generally cares that his customers get a great deal and are absolutely satisfied with their buying experience. No matter what state you are in, if you want a new BMW do yourself a favor and check out Irv Robinson first, next to getting a BMW it will be the best move you ever made!