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I had 7 fuel pumps 2 times injectors 1 time turbos 2 times wastegates and few other minor problems but i still like the 335 more than my previous cars cause at least the 335 has known problems that can be fixed at dealers and 335 takes a beating, at least my car. I was tuned since 200 miles on odo and i beat my car driven 60k+ in 1 and half year span. I did that kinda of driving on my 05 TL, 06 Maxima, 05 G35, 02 Boxster and beat those cars to but they sure didnt throw any "limp modes" but sure didnt take the beating to good either. Something was wrong with the car but problem was nowhere to be found until the car breaks down for good. At least the BMW/335 has known problems and IMHO takes a good beating and dealers gives you BMW loaners and fix the car no charge. I really cant complain. 335 defitnitly isnt a POS tho.
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