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So I need some advice.. My e90 325i has 86k on it, and yestarday the red overheating light came on. I got home and popped the hood. It was making a unusual noise. I of course turned the car off and let it cool down, then I checked the coolant level and it appeared to be full. I didnt drive the car untill the next day , I drove about 10 miles and came home , no lights came on. Then today on my way to work the yellow overheating warning light came on when I was almost there. After work I checked the coolant level n it was at the min line, I added some more and drove home. Almost home and yellow light came on again and then within 2 mins turned red. I got home and noticed a noise again. When I shut the car off the noise went away. Does anyone have some input on what my problem could be?? Of course my warranty just ended 3 months ago and Ive never used it I'd really appreciate any advice!