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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
Well this is good news, since I am currently using Mobil 1 0W40, and plan to use it at the track. I previously used total oils for this car, and this is my first time using Mobil 1. So far so good, but the track is obviously the ultimate test. I perviously used total 10W50 (racing oil) for the track, aond 0/5W-30 for the street.

Brian, since you are interested in oil temps, you might want to read up on the N54, and how it handles oil temps (page 42-51)-->

I'm currently using the 1M/N55/335IS water pump, with a non oem whaler thermostat. My cruising oil temps now hover at 210F instead of 245F. However the track will tell if this route is a good way of managing oil temps.
Thanks; I've already read that pdf many moons ago. If you are using 10w50 in attempts to lower your temps; I'd suggest you read up a bit more on oil's weight vs. thermal properties. Using an oil thicker than what BMW intended is going to hurt you more than help you.

Based on your beliefs in the other thread you started; I think you are not understanding cooling capacity idea vs. thermostat range concept.

The water pump might provide additional benefits; but in my extensive track experience my water temps rarely get above 210; especially with meth.

Regarding the thermostat- For crusing, the lower-temp thermostat might help keep temps lower, and that scenario makes sense. However, where temps become a higher is no road courses; where water/oil temps rise very high very fast.

Let's just say that a baseline for oil temps is 265*.
With a stock oil and water thermostat; we can agree that both thermostats are 100% open when oil temps are 240*. Now; if the thermostats were to open 20* sooner, that would not keep the oil temps cooler whatsover. They might stay cooler for another 15-30 seconds; but within 10 minutes of track use: the oil temps will be 265* no matter what thermostat is used in the engine.

I'd like to see more documentation showing the 1M water pump is significantly superior. If so I'd definitely put it in. It's kinda hard to get objective data with this though; so we almost have to have BMW Published docs to provide details.