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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
Firstly, Brian, the M1 water pump has to be stronger than ours. It has a different part number, and cost almost $200 more. If you read the doc, I posted, you would see where the pump for the N52 is rated at 7000L/Hr or 400 watts, while ours is at 9,000L/Hr, and pulls 600 watts. There should be a slight increase in pump capacity, and watts with the M1 pump.

Lastly, I just wanted you to re-read the doc, to drive home a point that I think you have missed about oil temps. Here are the main points:

1. We have high oil temps because the turbo's gasses can reach 1,500 deg, and the oil, and water both are diverted to cool them.

2. The ECU has 4 total cylinder head temp targets to choose from, and majority of the time it targets 108C, the eco mode, as we all know. 108C cylinder head temps, or 240F pan oil temps. Because the ECU decides the oil temps to maintain, and 99% of the time, is in fuel economy mode, we won't get anywhere on the track, until someone figures out how to force the ecu to acknowledge the fact you are trying to race your car.

3. water pump has several pre-programmed operating modes to choose from, and the ECU communicates with it, and the thermostat to decide our car's oil temps in real time.
As I said; We need to get objective data showing that the 1M water pump will produce significant benefits. Also as I said; I absolutely hope it does produce results; and I will buy one in a heartbeat if it I'm not just trying to be a negative nancy.

You are absolutely correct that the DME tries to target 240* oil temps; that is nothing new and nobody is arguing that.

In fact, I would LOVE my oil temps to stay at 240*. Hell, even 250* would be nice.

The argument is this: no matter what the DME requests: the cooling hardware on the engine simply cannot keep the temperatures below 265-280* on the track. The thermostat makes absolutely no difference in the ability to reduce temps in this range, period. If the thermostat stayed only 50% open at 280*, that would be a different story. But it doesn't; it's 100% open at 240* oil temps.

This is really a simple concept.