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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
we're talking about 20min sessions, not AutoXs. What are you basing your "only good enough solution" info on? The data we've collected suggests otherwise.
You can have a 60 minute session on a primarily 3rd gear course and keep oil temps at 250* no problem. The oil temp issue comes into play when you're on long, fast tracks with an average speed of 90mph or more. (It always puts things into perspective when you calculate average mph)

Average speed for a normal driver in a normal sports car:
Laguna Seca - 69mph
Willow Springs and Sebring (Known for being VERY high speed tracks) 85mph

The two main tracks I go to:
Road America- 100mph
BIR- 96mph

This should help understand the differences in engine demands and the heat created.

I have no doubt you have good objective data to back up your oil cooler working to keep temps down to 250*...and that is great to hear. The setup you have is just not enough for some other people in more demanding circumstances.

I'm basing the "Good enough" criteria off of a system that can bring my otherwise 285* temps down to say 250* with meth. That would be good enough for me; and if there is a kit on the market that *might* be able to do it; it's the ER Dual core system.

Since the secondary oil cooler I have on did practically nothing; I'm going to venture to say that the replacement core that Stett sells will do close to nothing as well.

Please dont' think I'm bashing on the Stett OC; I have actually purchased other Stett products and am happy with them. It's just that the OC is not enough to meet the demands.