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Originally Posted by Newmember343 View Post
Just because codes are cleared doesn't mean they can't check its not working. As soon as you hook up he OBD scanner to the car, the computer will show that it hasn't picked up a lot of things (emissions, etc) Any person working with cars will know that obviously the car codes have been cleared and prolly wouldnt take the car in until its been driven for a few miles for the codes to come back on.
As someone who used to sell cars, I can promise you that no tech is going to even inspect the car. The sales manager (used car manager at most large dealerships) will do a brief assesment of the car and make a valuation based on how the car is presented.

If you are an immoral son of a bitch, you will be able to pull a fast one by clearing the code and trading in before the light comes on. Just be sure not to complain when you buy a used car and it's a total piece of shit, due to a P.O. with the same moral compass.