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Originally Posted by HappyG View Post
How many times did you attempt to resolve the issue? If you've been given the run around, I'd be upset too...hopefully you gave it a chance privately before displaying on the forum. Good luck.

for some vendors,posting a feedback is easier for them to response back to their customers instead of calling them while they give a same explanations.

well basically I bought from a store in California ( through them ) and basicly they told me that eisenhaus keep telling them another 3-4 weeks time to be done.and finally Ive made up some decisions to contact eisenhaus right away.

at the first time,I can understand it but more than 2 months then i am beginning to fed up and asking why?

they told the shop that I bought the exhaust that for BMW E90 quad 320i is very rare and they never done it before.this is 1st E90 320i with quad exhaust.well I can understand if I should wait 1-2 months.thats normal..but again 4 months!!!