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+1 on the not so good service. my friend ordered a masterchief carbon fiber tipped exhaust and sections for his 328xi coupe. eisenhaus mailed him pipes for a e90 model. now i can understand that if it was misshipped fine. at least pay for your mistake no and refund my friend the $70 he spend to ship it back for your mistake.

since his 328xi was "exhaustless now" (he had already sold his oem exhaust) he had to get a rental for 2-3 weeks max time. that cost him more $$ on his side also.

so calls and e-mail back and forth lee and ryan. eisenhaus says o yea we have to check to pipes to make sure blah blah blah. they were wrong and sent the wrong pipes. took them about 1.5 weeks to get the shipment back and return sec 1 and 2. so my friend is still exhaustless after 1.5 weeks when we got a call from eisenhaus saying that they had to get the carbon fiber tips from germany so we would have to wait more. 2.5 weeks passed for just the muffler tips. on the start of week 3 we finally got the tips and muffler and my friend installed the exhaust system and everything was fine. he had to pay $200+ for the 3 weeks of car rental plus $70 to return the shipment back which was their mistake.

two words of advice to eisenhaus.
1. if you guys shipped the wrong order, why wouldn't you reinburse shipping for your mistake?

2. it seems like you guys didn't even attepmt to rush things. it took 1.5 weeks to get the muffler tip from germany and ship to us? i know they are made form hand but 1.5 weeks? did you guys even rush delivery it?

my friend LOVES the exhaust. but just wishes as do i you guys take care of him better.