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Originally Posted by dane View Post
hello, I am moving to HK in a couple of months and was checking the price for the 335 on
Firstly, are the prices fixed in HK or is it possible to negotiate somewhat (how much?) with the dealers?
The 335 coupe list price is 648k whereas the cabrio is 698k. that price difference is smaller than in Europe, making the cabrio look like a good buy in HK - if 700k for a 3-series can be considered a good buy...

Which model (Sedan, Wagon, Coupe or Cabrio) will have the best re-sale value in 3 years?

Is leasing popular/possible in HK and are the rates competitive?

Looking forward to hear your input!
You can't negotiate prices with BMW in HK.
There are also some options which you may want to add. On top of the options price, you have to pay 85% gov't tax.
Sedan's are everywhere and when you are going to sell it off in a hurry, you will not get a good second hand value. It's best to go with a wagon and sell it privately before you go back to Greece in 3 years' time.
Wagons in HK are not massively popular, but there is a small bunch of enthusiasts willing to pay OTT for an original-owner used example. A 335i wagon has plenty of street-cred amongst local BMW fans.
Also, BMW HK doesn't keep any stock, so you will have to order and wait about 3 to 4 months' time.

Hope that helps!