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Originally Posted by ricgear View Post
A little update for you imal8apexer. The flashed ECU came back from TMS on Tuesday and I installed right away and went for a spin. There was a noticeable increase in top end power. The AFE intake came this afternoon and after I installed it, I went for another spin. I have to say that the AFE intake is a lot louder than the stock and it took a few miles I got accustomed to it. The combination of the tune and the intake together made a huge difference throughout the rpm range. The BMW PE goes in on Tuesday.

Hey Gents,

I just installed an AFE SI and the TMS "Stage 1" DME reflash on my otherwise-stock '06 325i. I agree with ricgear on the SI - pretty loud. So much so that I'm afraid my E90 may now sound like a 17 yr old's "fast and furious" Honda - lol.

As for the TMS flash - more serious concerns. My first impression was that I actually LOST torque at the bottom and may only see a noticeable gain in the 4500-6500 range. Engine spins up noticeably faster when not under load (neutral) but that is likely due to the less restrictive intake - not the flash. Under load, as I said, it seems slower off the line. I have an Auto, so may be different for the 6MT.

So - did a bit of research and discovered there may be a newer AA flash out there for the N52 - their "Stage 2". Same price, but sold by VAC Motorsports:

The dyno charts VAC posts for this tune are significantly better than those posted by TMS for their "Stage 1" N52 tune (which they confirmed for me is an AA tune). I'm going to call TMS tomorrow to see if they actually used an AA "Stage 2" tune on my car, or if they believe it even exists. Only place I've seen it is at VAC's thread and their web site, here:

(Note: this page says for the "S54" motor but the dropdown lets you select an N52. Also note the "NEW for the 325 and 330 (2006-'07) application!" paragraph, halfway down.)

The AA website only shows what appears to be the "Stage 1" tune:

Bottomline: If an improved AA tune for the N52 has been out as long as VAC says it has, and I paid TMS $499 for a obsolete version - well then that will truly suck!