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Originally Posted by JT_Munkey View Post
Watched 10 minute of Act of Valor and turned off my tv. I need to find a website to catch up on Sons of Anarchy as well as Breaking Bad. Netflix really need to update their selections..

Honestly, I say fuck it. I'm not going to rush the process -- I'm just going to enjoy each stage of transformation.

First set of wheels, ever! I stumbled across it looking for pictures for my spring listing. Those wheels will be refinished red after I refinish my Volks
Same but I just want all this done already so I don't have to worry about suspension and I like your old setup better. But can't wait to see your new setup when it's all done.

By the way does anyone notice squeaking in their suspension when jumping up and down in your car? I was pulling the backseats out in my car yesterday and I pulled so hard I made the car bounce then I heard a squeak, so I hopped up and down and I heard it coming from the back. Is something wrong with my suspension?