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Bulldog, you're obviously passionate about the topic, so--if you don't mind--I'd like to bounce a couple of questions/comments off of you...

Originally Posted by Bulldog CFP View Post
...And the cost is high. The annual federal deficit is more than one trillion dollars, the national debt approaching seventeen trillion. Just last week, the non-partisan Government Accounting Office warned once again that federal spending is "unsustainable." That means if government spending is not curtailed, and quickly, the U.S. dollar could collapse.
Mind telling me more about why you feel this is the case? I assuming that you mean in terms of depreciation. How quickly do you honestly feel that this could/would occur on current trajectory?

Originally Posted by Bulldog CFP View Post
But not in Obama world. Not there. The president sees his mandate as "providing" for those who can't cut it. He is the biggest spending president in the nation's history by far.
Based on this statement, are we to assume that you are more of the mindset that austerity is the way out of a major economic recession? I'd like to hear your thoughts on your desired path.

Originally Posted by Bulldog CFP View Post
Let me prove him wrong with a vivid comparison.

In 1979, a man named Rupert Murdoch started a company that today employs 48,000 workers worldwide. The employees of the News Corporation pay taxes and support families. The company gives its employees an opportunity to succeed on their own without any financial assistance from the government. In turn, the employees provide assets to the government. They don't take from it.
...perhaps not the best example given reason scandal, but I believe that I understand what you are going for and there are certainly many other respectable business-men and women with equally impressive accomplishments (sans scandal)...

I think this may depend on how you look at "taking" from the government. I personally take from many branches every day. My commute includes city, county, and state roads in areas monitored by city, county, state, and federal police forces and defended by our nations military. Several of the children in my family attend public schools, etc. Anti-trust laws and the government employees in charge of ensuring compliance there-with have a direct effect on fairness of play in my industry. Say what you will about Ben Bernanke, but I have taken advantage of the reduced cost of lending over the past few years, and couldn't be happier with the improved returns which this helps to bring (and I then pay taxes on). The list can go on and on if I really start to think about it.

Are we to assume that these employees and NewsCorp did not also gain certain benefits from the government (Freedom of press, copyright enforcement, security and maintenance of roads and airways for deliveries, etc.)? I would mention that the Internet roots back to a US National Science Foundation funded program, but its creation did not bode well for the margins of most companies in Mr. Murdoch's field.

Originally Posted by Bulldog CFP View Post
President Obama is a utopian at heart. He wants to improve the lives of the downtrodden, which is a good thing. But, he doesn't understand that damaging the free marketplace in pursuit of "social justice" will eventually harm those whom he wants to
help. The nation's crushing debt is a tsunami brewing off shore.

Let's hope President Obama wises up before we all get swept away.
I like how you stated this as it clearly represents your perspective as that which it is.

I think unfortunately many people (yourself excluded) in today's American media and society are so busy citing non-facts as statistics used to somehow quantify their opinions that they forget that the statements are not as objective as they would like their audience to believe.

Originally Posted by reelop19 View Post
I agree but honestly where do we go? The current Republican leadership would take us in the same direction, just in a longer period of time. They're all pissing me off right now
I think this may be the sad truth of it. The specifics vary, but the general direction is about the same. Neither party currently seems to be willing to have those uncomfortable conversations with each other or the American public. The truth is that both parties are to blame for where we are and how we got here, and both will be to blame if we do not bring the issues at hand to an actual resolution. The hard line approaches, childish name-calling, and absurd finger-pointing only makes what needs to happen that much harder to accomplish.

If you haven't checked out Edelmans Trust Barometer for this year, do so when you have a moment. The short story is that the Amerian people trust their friends and generally even trust organizations. With that said, they don't trust the leaders of those organizations or the folks driving the national boat (red, blue, or yellow).

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