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OP, you don't say what year your car is, but if it's still under warranty, you might get the dealer to check out the operation of the roof the next time you have to take the car in for some thing or another. On my car (2008), I was bothered by wind whistling/noise (which seems to maybe be the opposite of your problem) and the dealer determined that I had a problem with the gaskets around the roof. They replaced these and reprogrammed (reset) the roof and the problem went entirely away. It's been silent ever since. I too have the sport suspension and drive on rough northeast roads, and I don't get any noises from the sunroof.

Also, come to think of it, there's a couple of threads here about how to reinitialize the roof closing. It may be that yours is closing just slightly off (too tight) and that's the problem. I'd try the reinitialization and see if that changes anything.