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Originally Posted by Juiced46
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The n55 has a chargepipe that will break with a few extra pounds of boost, they made installing a tune much harder(having to tap into all sensors) and put a tiny turbo that doesnt make much power.
The n55 was made to stop people from tuning theyre 335's.
Bmw put the n54 in the 1m for a reason, its a collectors car and they wanted to give them the more powerfull and more tunable engine.
Now whether the m3 uses a worked n54 or n55, it doesnt matter, its a reworked engine, not stock so it doesnt mean anything.

You know you are 100% correct. Those BMW engineers are sneaky. Do you know how many hours they must have sat in meetings talking about how they can screw the tuning world? That they wanted to make the N55 to "screw" people so they do not modify cars? Yup thats the reason they built it! lol

This is how it went.
"Well lets design this chargepipe to hold 8-10#s of pressure. Once they go above that BOOM the pipe will break! That will stop those guys from tuning our cars!!" HAHAHA!! That is some of the most ridiculous speculation I have ever heard on a forum.

FYI Been running 15-16psi since the car was new and now has 24k on it, I havent popped a chargepipe yet.........
Judging from all your posts on this thread, you clearly regret buying the n55, and regret not getting an n54 and now have made it your goal to convince others how the n55 is superior to the n54( which makes more power than the n55 with less mods)