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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
I need just a little more than stock at max to be happy. The problem is stock at max is heavily distorted, so as long as its at least as loud as that but clearer... I think I'll be happy.
If thats the case then you've got nothing to worry about. I too worried whether it was going to be enough but it was.

If you'd like to pay it forward with all the help you've received and help me out I'd appreciate any advice you can give... the setup I believe I've settled on is at the bottom of this thread if you have any further advice for me. Still have a few small questions (in red)
You're going for an XD and Morels which have been used by a lot of people who have been happy, including myself, so that part is good. Only thing im thinking is your choice of underseats. I would get a different driver than the SWS, something that can actually play midbass properly. Then, in the future, get a sub.