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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
If thats the case then you've got nothing to worry about. I too worried whether it was going to be enough but it was.

You're going for an XD and Morels which have been used by a lot of people who have been happy, including myself, so that part is good. Only thing im thinking is your choice of underseats. I would get a different driver than the SWS, something that can actually play midbass properly. Then, in the future, get a sub.
My only concern there is to do that I'd have to add another amp, which adds more $$ needed in the budget. Sub, enclosure. etc...

I think doing it this way will be enough all around for me. I dont need neigborhood shaking bass but if I went with Jehnert Speakers and I'd have a lot of mid bass and nothing on the very low end. For my personal tastes, I think I prefer to have the low end even in the absence of mid bass for now. I think this is the 'stage 1' for me.

Thanks for the suggestions though I'll keep it in mind