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agreed on both points

Quite simply, F30 is too expensive for what it is especially in the volume model (328i). A well equipped entry-level luxury sedan should not ring in more than 40-42k range. My 2011 e90 came in at 38.6k msrp and sales price of 36.5 k and had the options i wanted. with the addition of the "lines", the std idrive and the burdensome packages, the f30 is very expensive now.

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Another poor performance for the new 3 Series -- sales down 17% from September 2011 and YTD 3 Series sales are coming in slower than 2011 as well. The 5 and 7 did even worse last month, but they're slightly higher YTD from 2011. The 5 and 7 aren't new for 2012 models, though. Considering that the 3 sedan is a completely new car, the sales figures look even worse in context.

Like it or not, the X1 and X3 are basically saving BMW's bacon right now in the U.S.
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