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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Not the first 2011 e90 owner i have seen try and put down the F30.
It's obvious that you're defensive about your new car and you're letting that get in the way of logical thinking and open discussion. The sales figures don't lie and there's no significant supply issue. Did you look at Even my dealer candidly agrees with me on many of the packaging issues and how they're negatively impacting sales.

Criticism can be healthy when warranted. Many of us care enough about BMW to be honest about what is causing them to fail and we can discuss it openly without getting our feelings hurt. Blind faith in any brand is not warranted.

Oh, and you're overlooking one important tidbit: I have a 2011 E92 and a 2012 F30, so let's not make this an E90 vs. F30 thing.