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Originally Posted by rayb
Has anyone got any recommendations for GAP Insurance. BMW insurance seemed expensive in comparison with some of the companies I've seen on the web.
They are way expensive.

When I looked into it the bmw deal seemed to be a preimum version - i.e. full 'as new' cost insured including all options etc.. no quibbles ... free cappucino ... pretty sales women in nice suits ... you know the deal by know.

The internet ones were less 'frilly' and cheaper.

I decided to go with the internet ones. The promptly forgot to get the insurance.

In hindsight now .. I've decided that, since my work insures my car ... I'll just kick up a fuss if I don't get a payoff which clears the finance on my car (pretty much 100%). Since they also pay for the monthly payments (by way of a car allowance) I don't really give a monkeys about getting back the original value.