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Originally Posted by Neutrino45 View Post
For those of you who have purchase the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection, how much did you pay for the Gold package? I got a quote from Advantage BMW of Houston (midtown) for

5 yr/ 100K miles = $2170
6 yr/ 100K miles = $2530

My car is a 2008 328i Automatic Sedan with Sport and Premium packages. Are those prices ok?

Please use the following format when you post your quotes.
  • 2008 328i Sedan, AT, Sport, Prem
  • Gold package 5/100
  • BMW of Austin
  • $1870
As I am evaluating extended warranty plans for my 2012 335i with 45,600 miles, I thought some may be interested in the (disappointing) results:

USAA - Does not offer extended warranty product.

Route 66 - Offered through dealers or credit unions only

Motorist Assistance Plan, Alpha Warranty Services, Warranty Solutions, Western General, GWC, Mechanical Protection Plan = Offered through dealers only

Concord - 5 year, 100K miles, $0 deductible, $2375
Local BMW Dealerships - Orange County CA - 6 year, 100K miles, $100 deductible, $5800

Steve Thomas BMW- Checa (recommended by others in this forum) - 60 month, 100k miles - $8579; 72 month 90k miles, $8972

Liberty Bell - 5 year, 100k, $0 deductible, $2000

Infinite - 5 year, 75k miles, $100 deductible, $2352

Carchex - Best package - $9974

Hope that this helps others, and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has obtained an extended warranty program with which they are happy.