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Burning, acrid interior smell.

So this is fairly uncommon, and happens to different degrees, usually only very briefly. I can't pinpoint when/where under what circumstances it's triggered:

It seems to happen most often when I go down the ramp into my underground, which does indicate something possibly dripping/falling onto a hot surface.
But it's also happened on flat ground, driving around, although NOT when i drive smooth or consistently i.e. commuting on the highway.

My interior gets a blast of a "burning" smell every once in a while. I don't believe it's engine/fuel/oil/exhaust related. Smells more along the lines of plastic or rubber?

It DOESN'T come through the vent system.
AND it doesn't smell under the hood, nor is there any visual indication (i.e smoke).

I do have some very minor oil sweating around the valve cover, but certainly not enough to drip on any belts, as far as i can tell.

I've seen an issue with a soundproof/firewall disintegrating, described as "burning crayons" and I'm leaning towards that but don't want to tear apart my interior if it's not necessary.

Any other theories?

Car is a 2010 E91 (328i wagon)