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Originally Posted by Nick.CBR View Post
Welcome man and congrats on the car. Have you had BMW's in the past or your first one?

You must be lovin' AWD right now - my 3 is sitting under a cover in the garage; no way I'd even make it out of the parking lot here. lol

On another note - had an interesting winter beater moment on the way home from Apple Valley tonight. The clip on my driver's side wiper blade fell off causing the blade to come loose. A couple miles down the road it was donated to the parts pile on the side of 494. Gotta love winter rides - nickel and dime ya to death!

I've drove several BMW's in the past, but this is the first one that I can call mine. It was a week on Saturday and I still love this car. There really isn't anything that I want to change about it. I would really like to do a slight drop and wheels, but besides that, I am perfectly content with how it is sitting right now.

Originally Posted by BSME90 View Post
Ryan! Great to see you here! I also bought some 6500k angel eyes (MYCARR) but am a bit reluctant installing it. I was thinking it might look 'ricey'. I also don't want to get too much attention at night since I already have 5k HIDs and Yellow Fogs. Hopefully we get to see you at upcoming meets!
I definitely know what you mean. I guess i didn't really think angel eyes are much of a "ricey" add-on to a BMW. It would be different if i was doing blue LEDs in it or something. I currently have the OEM headlights and will defninitely stay with them. If anything, I would like to take out th orange reflector within the housing. You will see me out! We should meet up for lunch or something sometime soon.