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Originally Posted by Nick.CBR View Post
In your opinion, do you think the gains (HP/TQ) are on the same level as meth? I understand the safety concern with regard to fire hazard (I don't think it's an issue if mixed correctly) and no failsafe. The PROcede has a pretty cut and dried failsafe system - if the pump is on AND there is meth flow, the system will switch to the meth map at a predetermined RPM. If either of those cases is false, the meth map will not be active.

From what I've seen of the installations that guys have done on here - I assumed that the "proper" way was to remove the cover. Also, it seems most people do end up trimming or cutting at some point. You didn't have to do this with your AMS?

From the boost leak perspective, I would tend to agree with you that most boost leaks do occur from user error on the installation; however, the IC is such a big and important part of the intake system; I'm hesitant to start taking apart what is working perfectly on my car

The bottom line for me, is that meth just really seems like the easier/less painful way to lower charge temps and get some sizable gains. I'd probably be inclined to call it the easy way out for cooler charge temps. It just seems that a lot of guys are running fast without DPs and FMICs - I kinda want to joint the club

This is good discussion though as now that Vishnu builds them to order, I obviously won't have one for some time. Dropping a solid grand on an FMIC doesn't sound fun either. I totally convinced myself that 875 for meth was "ok" to do

Hey, sorry for the delayed response

Meth will yield MUCH more horsepower/tq than an intercooler will, and an intercooler will only add ~10 hp on a 65 degree day. However, during a 'daily drive' on a 90 degree day, the IATs/engine will really appreciate a FMIC...Meth would do the same, but you don't want to have the meth activate at'd go through it really fast. I just like the fact that my engine is ALWAYS getting cold(er) and consistent IATs and never have to worry about heatsoaking, Even though there aren't many 90 degree days in Minnesota.

You say the IC is a very important part of the system..and you're right! That said, I took the crappy, tiny, poorly designed stock IC off my car the 2nd day I had it

I did have to cut out a bit of my plastic piece for the IC to fit..but that's not a big deal. It will never be noticed.

As for the stock end tanks, I don't hate the HPF design...I just really love the AMS cast end tank design.

And I'm always up for having BMWs in my when I'm home from college I'll be willing/wanting to assist with anything!