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Originally Posted by benton0311 View Post
Having run oiled filters on several other cars with MAF sensors they also bring about another issue: the oil residue eventually builds up on the MAF sensor causing faulty readings.

Usually not too hard to fix but it means that for optimum performance you need to remove and very carefully clean the MAF sensor to remove the oil residue at some point for continued accuracy. I got to the point where I would clean the MAF sensor every oil change but it usually takes a good bit longer for problems to show up. Usually will manifest itself with reduced fuel economy, slightly reduced power, poor idle, and a MAF sensor code when it gets too coated in oil.
This is well intentioned, but also a shining example of how incorrect information keeps getting regurgitated by inaccurate and untested explanations.

I am sure everyone has seen the pictures of our intercoolers and intake pipes that are completely covered in oil residue from crankcase blowby.

There is far more oil contamination in the intake system from your own engine than there is from an oiled air filter.

Have a look here for some actual measurable testing on this:

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