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I'll keep saying this. Not a fan of having Google spying into my home. So Nest is not something I would ever buy.

I have a Honeywell WiFi thermostat. I reluctantly bought it as I don't like any cloud based solution. I'm smart enough and have the equipment to be able to provide secure access into any network I manage. That said, Honeywell was a compromise for me as they're big enough where I wouldn't worry about them going under and they're not so large where they've got ulterior motives. I've had a Honeywell WiFi thermostat at my vacation property for about 6 years no. No issues what so ever. I have an app on my smart phone which allows me to control the system from in home or away. The system has email alerts on problems such as Internet connectivity being lost and inside temperature being too hot or too cold.

The thermostat saved my butt this past winter. Kept getting alerts about the interior temperature being too cold. That was when the Northeast was hit with the severe cold spell. I thought the furnace had just kicked on and was just trying to catch up as I had the temperature set low at the place when I'm not there. The alerts kept coming so it prompted me to drive out immediately to find out what was going on. Found out the furnace wasn't running even though the thermostat was telling it to fire up. Did more investigation and found out the condensation line froze up backing water (now ice) into the furnace. As a fail safe, the furnace shut itself off. All this grief because the stupid HVAC contractor saved a few bucks by not wrapping the run of PVC pipe for condensation drainage along the exterior garage wall with insulation.
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