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Originally Posted by lawdude View Post
1. So long as it doesn't conflict with the Board's TOS, anyone can post anything they want.

2. Anyone is free to participate in or ignore any topic they choose.

3. Anyone who can transition seamlessly from defending one vendor and bashing another vendor to bashing the one he formally defended and defending the one he formally bashed has a instant credibility problem.

4. I look forward to restoration of credibility by posting future threads free from vitriol and comprised of unbiased conclusions based on testing/observations .
Let me try and help you out here.

"3": Anyone who bashes a product without ever having experienced the product can THEN transition seamlessly from defending one vendor to bashing the one he formally defended. Anyone who spends $1500 dollars on one product as opposed to another in the same competitive market naturally has a predilection for the product he/she purchased.

Furthermore, anyone (YOU) who is clearly biased towards one product over the other (procede over JB2) should not start threads like this because he/she may produce for themselves instant credibility problems.