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Originally Posted by ed330D View Post
When I first heard of this I thought WTF. I live in France and use the Dartford crossing when visiting friends and family in the UK.

From what I can tell foreign registered vehicles are all on a win situation; the magic cameras system generate a demand and send it to....?

For a laugh I went to the Gov site to see what would happen if I tried to make an advanced payment: entered country, then the reg number. Not recognised. Ahh shame. I won't try to guess how many foreign drivers will pay the charge, but it won't be many.

Why on earth didn't they introduce the system used on French motorways (and now available in the UK I believe):
you attach a sender to you screen;
use one of the dedicated lanes at the toll gate;
slow down to 20mph at the toll barrier;
and each month end you get a detailed bill.

Those who haven't joined the scheme have to queue (in a different lane). Once you've experienced how well it works you soon get yourself a sender.
Well our government liked to have the payment in advance except if it is one random visit.
And reason for that flexibility is gaining 70 out of those who may forget and may struggle to pay!

Never mind, coming back to my case it is getting personal now.

I rang the customer services and I was told that somebody tried to call you last night 20:56 and my number was busy. Also, there was no option for the voice mail.

Fumed me!!!
Well I was not on the phone and my voice mail is always enabled. Double checked my phone number with them and they have correct phone number.
So, lies after lies to hide their deficiencies.

I have highlighted these issues last week and none of them have bee resolved.

1- You cannot see how much remaining balance is there in your account. Tried firefox, internet explorer and chrome. No difference.
2- You cannot manually add the balance from their website.
3- Automatic top up (when it goes below certain value) did not work in my case.

And best part is the stinking attitude of all the staff sitting in those call centers. They have been given the jobs but not enough training and authority to look into accounts.

The girl who answered my phone call today charged me 20 for local resident scheme one more time (as I already paid it earlier this year). When prompted that I should not be charged twice in one year as I changed my car only not the account she then stated we'll waive it off this time....
Bunch of cowboys.