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BMW, can I have some LSD please?
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Originally Posted by Mitesh
Hello Visor

How are u planning to connect your sub? With a high-low converter or from the OEM amp?
I am still battling to get someone in SA (bloemfontein) to wire my amp like Aussie's.
If second option, do u have any wiring diagrams etc.
In my previous e46, I fed the front speaker level wires into the amp via the speaker level inputs. Then, the internal circuitry of the amp splits the signal into hi/lo frequencies and relays them appropriately to the sub and my aftermarket front speakers.

On the e90, I'm hoping to locate the front line level signal if I can from the OEM amp in the left of the trunk, but I might need a VEN4 balanced to unbalanced converter to connect to my add-on amp, since BMW's audio signals run in balanced mode.