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Tierfriend... Wow... didnt know that this thing was so complicated. Now i can see how people like me can be taken advantage of in this situation. I thought it was a straight forward process. Thanks for the education (i think Still confused but understand your reasons behind your comments) It would be cool if i knew somebody like you in Sydney to help me out because i know when i go back to the installer they will confuse me with a plethora of scenarios and jargon. If there is any Sydney people here please let me know if you can help out..

PS. you have an electircal engineering background or is this just common sense to the car/music ethusiast. I might run it past a couple of my guys as they are electrical engineers but not sound engineers...

PPS. Thanks again...i appreciate your time and effort you have put into your reply... Maybe i can say hi when i vist Germany next year....