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Cheers for all the comments guys

Took it for a good, if gentle run this morning (lad goes swimming over some nice twisty roads!)

So yesterday i was too tired and the car felt a bit too different to really get to like it. Plus in EcoPro mode, it did all feel a bit disconnected. The steering seemed vague and inconsistant. Noticeable throttle pedal lag (which i know is a good thing when in eco mode)

Good news in Sport mode it felt much much better than yesterday. This car has got so much potential, its seems a crime to have to run it in!

The steering while EPS, weighs up really well with good feedback and weight increasing at higher speeds. I think i am quickly calibrating myself to it...and I like it.

Also in sports mode the suspension gets stiffer (more more like the normal M Sport ride) but much better as on non-RFTs. It is a bit fidgety at lower speeds, but suppose you can then knock it back into comfort.

Really liked the change in exhaust note as well - it gets louder and more bassy .

The auto gear box also stays in higher gears, but far more intelligently than the older ZF 6AT on my 330d. Manual mode now is far more of a manual....the engine started to labour up a hill, and i changed down before the car did....brill!!!

The car seems very accurate and easy to place and just goes round the corners with incredible balance. Driving it slowly, the 1er feels like a bigger car, but when pushing on, it feels small and light. So BanziBarn...totally agree with your comment!

I must say the user manual is really poor for the M135i e.g. what does the sport steering actually do? it doesn't explain advice dampers. Its more of 'push this switch'... oh well, i guess that is what forums are for!
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