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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
you pretty much are going the direction of most people that "just got their car", which is not a bad thing.

my suggestion is to research about another 3 or 4 weeks before you make your decision.

i have a JB4 and it's amazing, but sometimes i wish i would have done some more research first.

that being said, my advice is to NOT pull the trigger on a tune until you read THIS SECTION everyday for the next 3 or 4 weeks. by then you should be filled with enough knowledge to make your decision.

4 or 5 weeks after i bought my JB4, i believe i would have gone with a different tune if i would have waited. but i'm NOT saying that the JB4 is bad - when the PROTunes are flying around all over the place from Cobb is when i will DEFINITELY know if i made the right choice or not.
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ok guys, i am a man of my word. Cobb FINALLY released their 07 software.

i have been saying for about 3 months now that i am a big Cobb supporter EVEN THOUGH i was currently running the JB4. i read, AND POSTED, in 2 or 3 of the biggest "JB4/Procede/Cobb" related threads over the last month and tried to absorb as much info as possible.

i'm not going to talk down on JB4 for one second - it was a great tune while i had it and made me happy. at only 13.5psi it made some good power.

so, i got to Austin today after leaving work early

got to Cobb's facility and it was impressive - nice and clean and everyone looked as if they were having a great time. friendly environment with smiling faces all around.

got strapped on the dyno (i said "strapped on") and away we went.

1st set of pulls were JB4 Map 1 on 13.5-14psi: average of 311whp and 350wtq
2nd set of pulls were JB4 Map 0 on stock boost: average of 251whp and 290wtq
3rd set of pulls were Cobb Stage 1 on 16-17psi: average of 326whp and 390wtq

my notes:

1) the JB4, on only 13.5psi, is still rather impressive
2) the a/f ratio of the JB4 scared the SHIT out of me when i first saw it
3) installation of the Cobb is a piece of cake
4) the car maintained the same smooth, linear boost, but it comes on a bit more freely, but it DOESN'T spike up at normal throttle. as like the JB4, part throttle/daily driving is perfect
5) Cobb is a bit behind the curve as far as Maps, but i won't be hard on them because it's only been out for a couple months
6) i strongly believe JB4 Map 2 would have been more competetive on the dyno because as of right now, it looks like a wash for the Cobb, which it should be seeing as it's running 3psi more.
7) when i saw the increased torque and the subsequent a/f i made up my mind on the spot - 17psi with 12.5 a/f across the board makes my peepee hard
8) i have "logs", but they are in an excel spreadsheet and don't have software to convert (someone PM me their email address if they wanna help out)
9) Cobb's handheld AP interface is MONEY !!!! you can read/delete codes, log from the AP, it shows real time parameters and the ease of install/uninstall is the best of all time - of ALL TIME /Kanye
10) the a/f combined with the massive torque increase and the ease of installation is what sold me. to me, that's worth the extra $400.

sorry for the "picture" graphs but i didn't get the screen shots emailed to me - just the logs.