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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
I haven't followed the Z4 GT3 but doesn't it use the S65 motor from the M3?
It's the S65 4.4 from the GTS/CRT- there are some minor modifications to oiling and a few other things as per FIA GT3 regs, but the majority of it is stock- The car is homologated for a handful of years still. GT3 rules are interesting and homologation doesn't require a specific chassis to carry the engine but the manufacturer and the engine is then restricted by the FIA (its complicated).

The gossip around here is that ALMS may be introducing GT3 next year to replace GTC thanks to heavy lobbying by MB, Audi, BMW, AM and others... would bring a whole bunch more fun and a BMW as this is the last year for the E92 M3 in racing.
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