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Originally Posted by kylet101 View Post
Hi everyone,

I took my '08 328i to the track for the first time yesterday. I had an awesome day, however, I noticed in the afternoon sessions I was having some car issues.

Outside air temperature in the afternoon was around 95F. After 10-13min in my session I noticed that the top of 2nd was not pulling as hard as it should have been. I changed to 3rd to see if I had any low end and it felt weak as well.

-3 stage intake manifold and flash

I pitted, and checked the temp reading for my coolant (212F/100C) and oil (302F/150C). I was not monitoring these in earlier session so I did not know whats normal. After letting the oil cool to 275F/135C I went back on track and the power was back. In my final session I hit the issue again when oil reached ~293F/145C. During this time my coolant stayed at around the same temp of 212F/100C.

I want to go tracking again, however, I really need to get this fixed. It's frustrating when you pass someone, have an open road to get an awesome lap time, and then hit this issue and the same person passes you.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue? My best guess is I'm hitting some oil temperature safety threshold and the engine is reducing power, but I don't know.

While on the topic, any BMW CCA events in SoCal anytime soon?

This topic has been covered extensively across this forum and 1addicts. BRAKE DISC OVERHEATING function in the DME will pull power way before you reach high oil temps. It really needs to be coded off (NCSExpert) on the 128/328 to do any kind of track driving as the estimate brake temp algorithm is very aggressive. And yes, N51/N52 does suffer from oil temp issues. I'd regularly have OK coolant temps and 280f+ oil temps on track. You need to retrofit an oil cooler and run straight water. Oil/coolant thresholds are as follows, and as you can see they are much higher than you'd think before power gets pulled:

System Protection
If the coolant or the engine oil overheat during operation, certain vehicle functions are
influenced to the effect that more energy is available to the engine cooling system.
These measures are divided over two operating modes:
• Component protection
- Coolant temperature between 117C/242F and 124C/255F
- Engine oil temperature between 150C/300F and 157C/314F
- Result: The output of the air conditioning system
(up to 100%) and of the engine is reduced
• Emergency
- Coolant temperature between 125C/257F and 129C/264F
- Engine oil temperature between 158C/316F and 163C/325F
- Result: The power output of the engine is reduced
(up to 90%)
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