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So I thought i'd lay out my story of chasing the Rolex brand so here goes....

Me and my wife are expecting our first child and decided on a Rolex GMT 126710 BLNR (Batman) for our Childs birth year watch. Now before anyone tells me get one and wear and then give it to him/her, I have plenty of watches including my own birth year watch to "hand down". I will not go into reasons which are private to us as to why we decided to do this but we did....

Any way long story short after reaching out to over 20 Boutiques/AD's we are no where close to a chance of getting this watch in November of 2021 or at least before the end of the year. It made me so sad that I have worked hard all of my life and from ZERO and when the occasion came to get a Rolex, that I could not make that happen. I am trying to get over it and I will but it makes me mad thinking about the bubble Rolex are in. If I had the extra money I would have gone grey which I am strictly against but glad I dont have the extra money haha.

Also funny how when we walked into JLC, AP, IWC, OMEGA, PANERAI and told them the story that they were so excited and said they could make it happen to the extent that IWC and JLC and OMEGA said we would wait for you to message us the day the baby is born and put the birth date on the warranty card just to make it extra special.

I guess it is what it is. I will not stop trying though....but it would be pointless for us to purchase one after the year has ended.

For myself I prefer the Vintage 5 digit versions of the GMT so those are always easily available all over the place.

Thanks for reading.
Youd have better luck going for a Two Tone Sub or GMT if you want to get a birth year something for your baby.
Yeah we love the gmt batgirl but I'm not paying over rrp as that's my philosophy. I hope we get one, if we don't well that's what God meant for us.
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