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Rear ended yesterday

So I was rear ended yesterday morning on my way home. The kid that hit me had to have been going at least 30 MPH. Their car was pretty messed up. Mine looks to have done well, but we will see what happens when they take everything apart.

Something weird I noticed after the accident. My headrest popped forward, in doing some research I found out that my car has the "Active Head Restraints." Pretty cool I guess, my neck doesn't hurt too bad yet. I couldn't find any posts really about the Active head restraints actually being used and thought you all might want to see what it looks like in the event you are rear ended.

Also, there is now an alert on my iDrive screen that says "Fault in passenger restraint system affecting airbag, belt tensioner or belt-force limiter." Does anyone know what that's from? Did the system fail or is it because of the active head rests being used?
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