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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Battery life: if you're really barely making it to the afternoon while only checking a few emails, there might be something running in the background. Is it warm? Double click home, then hold down an icon in the bottom row until it shakes, and starting hitting "-" to quit apps. You might want to reboot, too.

I'm a heavy user and bought a Lenmar battery case for my 4S. I ususally don't dip into the built-in battery until evening. Only $35 on Amazon, and very protective, too.

I do wish that instead of making it 20% thinner they would've given it a bigger battery. I think more people would appreciate that than would appreciate going from super thin to even thinner.
i agree with this but then i though that if i were apple and knew that say 90% of iPhone users were going to have it in a case. People may appreciate the thinner phone. My iPhone 5 with it's case on is the same thickness of my iPhone 4 with no case. Makes more sense when you think of it that way. But i think i'd sacrafice the thiness for more battery.

However, i was on the phone alot today, several emails, on the web a few times, watched a video, took some pictures, made a few PDFs, played a few games. Took it off of the charger on 7am and it's now 10:45 and it's still at 55% battery.
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