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Originally Posted by PKL View Post
Here's the difference: Yes it is not surprising over the course of 5-10 years a sunroof became free.

BTW, BMW still charges for a sunroof on a brand new M3 sedan...

The N55 obviously already has a "tune". Has an ECU map for the turbo. The Performance Edition tune is either a piggyback, or a different map completely. Either way, it is changing the way the car came from the factory.

Frankly when you first mentioned the tune being "free" you made it sound like anyone with a 335i could just go into the dealer and have their engine re-mapped, for free. If that IS what you are implying, I completely disagree with that.

If what you ARE saying is the N55 will just start to come from the factory with 320hp instead of 300hp, I could possibly believe that. But it won't be because they are offering the Performance Tune for free. It's because that is how the ECU is now mapped from the factory.
In my hardware examples no one would walk into a dealership after they had purchased the car and ask for the item for free because it's now included in the new models. Just not a reasonable thing to even entertain. It's BMW who included the item for free in newer models as a way to stay competitive.
This "tune" is no different.

They can call it whatever they want, but that's what I'm talking about.