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UPDATE: So I left work and thought the ride surely cannot be this hard-ridden and stiff so with just a bit of online reading, I thought to give it go! Rolled up my sleeves, opened the bonnet (hard work done lol!) and adjusted the damping settings. Little did I know that I've been driving on the HARDEST (full 30 clicks) setting known to man since picking up the car on Sunday..... I then turned the front dials to 20 clicks towards soft and all I can say is WOW!!! NOW I can finally say I am glad I bought these :-)

Wasn't able to adjust the rears as A) Not sure how to access them and B) Even if I knew I wasn't going to strip the boot at my work car park even though it's probably the most secluded place!

I'm really happy now that I don't have to worry about going over a small bump with my spine and teeth about to break lol. Infect set to 20 soft, it's SO comfortable and noticeable when comparing to OEM. Basically, for me, 20 clicks is around about on par to OEM... Anything more and it starts becoming airy and loopy lol. I've now set it 17 clicks from hard meaning slightly more softer... and rear is definitely more harder as I can feel the bumps more when the back enters a bump or so but this can be adjusted later down the line. As Long as the dashboard doesn't feel like its about to fall off AND my teeth, I'm happy with this for a little while.

Guess I won't be raising it after all ... Well, at least not until before Gaydon! Will bring it up from all 4 corners in a month or two's time ...

Question is, getting it aligned with the hunter machine tomorrow...... If i do decide to raise it after a few weeks / months, will I then need to get it aligned again? I mean to ask, will aligning just the once suffice irrespective of the changes made to the ride height? I'll only be changing the ride maybe 2-3 times a year at the most!! Winters approaching so will be aiming to raise in around Oct / Nov... Cheers all.
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