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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
Well we're still here.

Shit! Or are we? Are we in fact inside the giant vagina right now? Is Keanu Reeves going to turn up any time soon with some pills and a way out of the vagina?
We are,but according to the BBC news this morning,the worlds due to end at 11.00am BST

I haven't checked all the differing time zones around the world,but despite the fact that Oz is ahead of us timewise,the end of the world is still due to hit Canberra @22.11pm this evening.

I've managed to do 3 cups of coffee so far,morning delight's been postponed (headache-what else!),and the Weetabix is booked in for 10.30am,which gives me time to warm the milk and probably get 4 in.

There's been a run on croissants round at the local bakers,f*ckers!

Worse of all,M&S never reduced cock all last night,they've got not a clue!

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