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I had intended this thread for those familiar with analyzing logs. For example, looking at the DME boost target tells you the car was at WOT. Showing before and after run data throws off the scaling making it harder to analyze.

The colors are different because I didn't save the last file and had to remake the chart. Really I'm not sure where the confusion is coming from. :

Mike if your testing with the V3 you have then why not post logs from it's user software . Then we could see the actual values and not have to manually 'add in' any offsets applied by the tune for things such as timing and boost.

It will remove all the confusion people are having with your excel graphing skills and since you seam to have concluded an open and shut case that cps is learned out then you'll easily slam the door on those that are calling your claims BS.

But we all know if you did that then the data could not be skewed to show the results you want it to show.......