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Originally Posted by JeepJeep View Post
Anybody see the Top Gear episode where Jay Leno was the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car? He talked about going to a car show and then driving his Mclaren at 120 mph on Kanan, and I think he was at Super Car Sunday.
Originally Posted by in5ane_3 View Post
I know exactly what you're talking about. The two "gangsters" happened to be under covers.
LOL this story gets better everytime Jay tells it. I was one of the so-called "gangsters" who was in Jay's F1 when he got busted on Kanan!

One of my best friends and I were at Supercar Sunday around October last year- nearly everyone left except a bunch of CTS-V guys. Jay rolls up in his F1, checks out some of the V-s and my friend starts talkin to him about the F1. The F1 is our dream car and my buddy knows EVERYTHING about it - Jay was so impressed with his knowledge that he offered both of us a ride.

We couldn't believe it - not only were we hangin with Jay Leno (arguably one of the greatest late night talk show hosts of all time), we were also rollin in one of the most exclusive exotic cars ever made! Only in LA....

At first we thought it was going to be a quick ride around the block but next thing you know he jumped on the 101, then went on a full on canyon run through Kanan. Jay opened it up a few times but nothin too crazy; when he did, the sound of the BMW M motor and sensation of speed was amazing.

At the end of one of the tunnels on Kanan, we spotted a cop and Jay slowed right down but it was too late. The cop pulled us over and told Jay that he was going to give him a ticket because this was the second time he pulled him over (last time Jay was apparently speeding on his Rocketbike and the cop let him go with a warning). My friend (who is also a cop) flashed his badge and next thing you know the cop lets us go (guess the "brotherhood" thing really works).

My friend and I are hard-core car guys having done everything from meets, track days, drag racing, auto-x, canyon runs, shows etc but nothing comes close to the experience we had with Jay in the F1. This is one of those once in a lifetime things; the car was amazing, Jay was super cool, treated us like we were old friends and now we're immortalized as a footnote on what I think is the best car TV program ever. If you see us, you'd think that we are the least "gangster" lookin guys out there but the way Jay tells it makes for much better tv.

I actually have some video of me in the F1 with Jay but since I didn't tell him I recorded part of our ride and conversations, I've been holding back on posting (something about making it public makes me feel like I violated his trust).