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3 months for the exterior, but clean the inside (the bit that matters, you know the bit you sit in) every couple or three weekends maybe.

Clean the house once a week sure, but the car has to wait

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
How can anyone wash and dry in 20 mins.......
+1 it takes half an hour to get all the crap out of the garage - hoses, jet wash, extension lead, bucket, cloths, cleaning products blah blah, let alone getting hot water and actually cleaning anything! (or putting it all away afterwards, and washing all the cloths)

Then having kids running round your legs wanting to 'help' clean the car with a garden rake or wire brush, then them getting soaked and crying and having to change them, then the missus having a go and then having to stop and make tea, then it going dark or raining and your fingers going blue....... christ - 3 months is often enough.....
M6GC going soon. M2 Competition 6MT ordered..

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