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Originally Posted by tl_boy View Post
Uhh.. guys krndanic, has every right to speak to a manager. I work in my own business, its a multi million dollar group and I cater to upper-middle class to upper class clientele (1M net worth to 150MM net worth - I have pro football players and a few NBA superstars that are clients). Here's what should happen: Customer goes to sales person (Irate or not). Asks to speak with manager. Sales person states, "he is busy right now or whatever, is there something I can help you with?" Repeat once or twice. If customer is still irate, and demands to speak with manager, get the manager there!

In business, particularly when dealing with rich clientele, you CANNOT have this attitude. Service. Service. Service. The customer is always right (no not literally, but that means that you can't piss them off and need to come to come to adequate resolution). There is no big deal in having the manager speak to them. I'm the owner, and I have gotten personally involved, forget my managers (although i try my level best to keep a distance, and maintain somewhat inaccessible, sometimes, you have to do it). I WILL speak to an irate customer if I need to. That helps MY business. We all have bad days (customers included), and being a business owner, sometimes you have to be a therapist as well, and listen to their SH*T (within reason, i'm not saying bend over backwards).

He should have been able to speak with the manager. No doubts about it. I'm about to raise hell on the OWNER of our local Mercedes Dealership for how he treated my mother. I don't care to speak to managers.

I had a problem at Fry's Electronics (multi million dollar business), they really screwed up bad with me (they delivered a fridge ONE MONTH LATE). I picked up a comments card that went straight to Randy Fry in Arizona. He wrote back to me, yes, it was his inked signature by his personal typist, and told me it would be resolved (it was not a generic letter, it was personal to me). A day later, I got my fridge discounted $300 bucks (lol it was a $700 fridge to begin with), and it came within a few days. They also threw in a $50 Fry's Gift Card for the trouble. Fry's made me a happy customer, if they did not handle to my satisfaction, they would have lost a potential for tens of thousands of dollars over the next 10, or 15 years. Not to mention a bad reputation. I strongly believe that one happy customer tells 3 others of his/her experience. one mad customer tells 10 people of his or her experience. Was the poster an irritating customer? Perhaps, but that does not matter. The onus falls on BMW to handle the situation in a professional manner. Their reputation is at stake, as well as potential loss of sales from this guy and his family/friends in future.

my .02.
that must have been a nice fridge at 700$.
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