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Originally Posted by bornadog335i View Post
Where did you buy it from?

What do you think of the AMS, or better to spend up on the Helix?

Currently AMS on sale for $689 plus shipping. (
Bought directly from Helix.. If you ask em nicely they will honor the 'group buy' price.. I ordered the extra J-Pipe and got it shipped via a 3rd party shipping company to get it at that price. If you get it sent directly from Helix to you, add an extra $100.

No idea about the AMS.. To be honest I think any FMIC would be a big improvement and you'd be happy no matter which you went with. You probably wouldn't notice a world of difference going from company 1 to company 2, as long as it's a well known brand (Helix, AMS, ETS, HPF etc..)

I liked Helix because it didn't require cutting of the front bar, and had a large front face. I also thing the quality is top-notch (not to say the others aren't). I will say that the Helix does weigh a fair bit (probably slightly more than others given its size) so if you're looking at weight reduction, it may be something to consider.. Probably not a big deal, but it all adds up!