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Originally Posted by shortie View Post
500 mile review

Well after filling up the motor this morning, just clocked 500 miles since owning the motor. So far so good, really happy with the motor, very comfortable, feels great to drive.

Had got used to 42mpg in my diesel mondeo ST and was expecting a drop when buying the BMW, was hoping to still get about 35mpg but real life shows i am just getting over 30mpg. Should be expected really going to an auto as well as they are traditionally less economical. Was also thinking that petrol would save me a few pence against diesel however i have found myself paying virtually the same due to using 98 ron as seems to be the general recommendation.

Find im using the Step auto more than driving in full auto mode as i find its easier to keep the mpg gauge reading better.

The only thing i have noticed so far is when on tick over, it feels like there is an intermittent shake that vibrates through the car. Its intermittent and cant see any warning lights so not sure if its the nature of the engine or something wrong?

Next thing on the agenda is to get rid of the RFT's ASAP.

Shortie which application is that?
And is that better than