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Lol, Love it! I thought it would be interesting to post since it will definitely pick peoples brains! One of these day I will ask a petrol owner that's doing an install to take a look for me.

I bought a used one from a member here and he had a shop drill out the hole. I half expected it to not be in the correct position but it was. Originally I thought they measured where the hole should be which to me seems pretty tough but the hole is 100% accurate.

I will say though, I took a look at Realoem and I couldn't find the plate (black piece that is attached with double-sided tape) that the cover mounts to so maybe thats what seperates the two. Who knows haha

I was at my local airport the other day and I go super excited seeing an AW 335d M-Sport! "That'd be cool if it was a D....UREA cover! It is!" ahhhh fresh to death.