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Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
Haha I've never touched that stuff. I'm slow enough as it is.

Is it normal for it to feel like I'm forcing the shifter into 2nd? There's a "chunky" sound when I do it - no grinding though. What's the ideal RPM to shift from 1st for it to be both smooth and fast and not jerky? Should I shift to 2nd immediately after getting moving or wait til I'm at 10-15 mph or 3k RPM?

Ideally I want to be able to shift like a slushbox, if not smoother and just as fast. 8ms DCT shifts, here I come!!! Just kidding.
It takes practice to time the clutch and throttle, hard to explain! But you should be able to shift smoothly at any rpms, at higher rpms what I mentioned becomes increasingly important!
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