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noob problems i'm having like most

-- I keep my foot on the clutch even after changing the gears.
-- The harest is starting the car, that 1st gear clutch/gas ratio is so dreaded the each stall takes away your man hood.

Let's say your in 5th gear, and you see the light turning red, right now I brake a bit than go straight to neutral for a complete stop. Than put it in first gear and try to start(this is where I stall)

I do keep my foot on the clutch when reversing for some reason, gotta fix that.

another q, let's say you just switch from 3rd to 4th and you need to make a turn on a normal st, I go from 4th to 2nd, I skip 3rd apply the brake and hit the gas.

All in all it's been really a pain, I have yet to take it on a really busy day(bumper to bumper)

btw I'm learning on a 93 honda before taking delivery of a e92 shortly